She was strong.

Not because she always wanted to be but because sometimes she was forced to be.

Her strength was often hidden from others but was the strength that kept her going even in the hard times.

At first she didn’t see her strength. But as time passed she began to celebrate that she was truly a warrior.


 -Rachel Marie Martin 

I read that quote and thought about many experiences that I had endured from a young age to present; being bullied, shot and physically assaulted as a teenager, getting laid off twice in two years in my late 30’s, surviving a blood clot and bilateral pulmonary embolisms in my 40’s and walking away from a marriage this past year. 

I am very aware that we must keep moving forward from experiences of our past because that is what got us to where we are today; perhaps to create a lesson for us to learn, grow and realize that everything works out the way that it is supposed to even if we can’t always see the forest from the trees.

Sometimes we have to go through uncomfortable situations to make us stronger even though we may struggle from time to time.

Some do a great job of masking their pain. They don’t want anyone to know the hurt they feel inside.  They become people pleasers ignoring their own needs and worry more about what others might think.

From the outside looking in, no one might ever suspect they are feeling alone, hurt or not sure how to make a change. Until they listen to their own voice instead of everyone else’s opinions, they cannot move forward.  It’s kind of like when someone knows they should quit smoking or drinking but they are looking at what they are going to give up instead of all that they will gain.

Then one day it clicks. They are ready to take their next leap of faith. Faith is what has gotten them through and what will get them through the unknown or challenging times ahead. They may wonder if they made the right decision at times, but deep down they know sometimes the most difficult decisions are the right decisions. 

The time has come to start writing the next new chapter. It’s exciting and scary at the same time. Its having faith in what is yet to come; new experiences, new city, new state, new life. 

This is me. I am brave. 

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