Signs from Heaven

You’ve been gone for two days and I’m trying to get used to the new normal. I haven’t been awaken at the usual 5am on the weekend but I would give anything to have had your cold nose in my face yesterday morning or today. Madison lays on the sofa in the living room in the spot where you took your last breath. She doesn’t want to leave my side and will only go outside to go potty or do her jobs if one of us physically walks her out on the patio to the grass otherwise she stands outside the patio door and won’t move. She misses you. I miss you. Your dad misses you.

I was going to wash the dress I had on the day you left us but I couldn’t do it yet. It still has your dog hairs on it and it kind of smells like you. It might sound a bit strange to some people but I held that darn thing like I held you when we danced in the dining room Friday morning and I sobbed. I hung it on a hanger and it’s in my closet room. Maybe in time I will wash it or I will end up buying another dress just like it so I can keep a part of you just a little bit longer.

Yesterday your dad, Madison and I went to pick you up from the Pet Remembrance place. They were very nice and kind. They put you in a beautiful wooden box and gave me two of your paw prints with some of your hair attached on the back. I got pretty emotional because I won’t ever get to pet you or snuggle with you again. I spotted some necklaces in their showroom and found a heart one that I liked. I had the nice man put some of your ashes inside of it for me so I can keep you close always. I don’t know that I ever want to take it off.

You’re aunt came over yesterday and brought the cutest pillow that looks just like you for your favorite chair. It looks perfect! It makes me smile. She also brought a nice scented candle to light when I want to sit by you and a memorial stone for the spot in the backyard your dad is going to redo in your memory. I decided to put you next to your favorite chair on the elephant box since elephants are supposed to be a sign of good luck. I feel like it worked when we went to the General Store. Were you trying to send me a sign BoBo Ray? I’m sure there will be some sceptics out there but that’s their issue. Both of us found these things very symbolic at the time.

Tea Towel we both spotted at the same time; A name we called BoBo for her diva ways. What BoBo wanted BoBo always got because she was the Queen Bee! This is now hanging in my kitchen.

Upstairs in the store I pick up this book that I just happened to see. We were wandering looking for a You Are My Sunshine sign which they carry in different areas of the store sometimes.

This is the page I open and my sister is my witness. Book goes into my basket to purchase. When I get home and tell my husband the story about all the things that happened in the store and go to open the book, SAME page opens again. Sister was there as my witness!

Middle pillow is from my sister in memory of BoBo for her favorite chair. I bought the two pillows at the General Store which were near the book above.
I always called BoBo my BoBo Ray of Sunshine and sang to her the song You Are My Sunshine My Only Sunshine You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Gray You’ll Never Know Dear How Much I Love You Please Don’t Take My Sunshine Away. She will always be my BoBo Ray of Sunshine.

My family also gave us the lovely stone for our backyard where BoBo loved to roam around. Work sent beautiful flowers, we received lovely cards, calls, texts & messages on Social Media.

In Memory of Lady BoBo Fu Schnicken Schultz Hanson
March 5th 2006 – June 7 2019

The sunshine will never leave. BoBo will always live in our hearts.”

BoBo’s Dad

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